Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Jennifer Ching Lopez and I am a Mystic, Spiritual Teacher/Guide, a Shaman, a Reiki Master, an Angel Whisperer, a Child Whisperer, an Animal Whisperer, an Intuitive Empath/Psychic, a Medium, a Medical Intuitive, a Spiritual Matchmaker, a Child Development Specialist, a Child Behaviorist (specializing in children that have developmental delays and/or behavioral issues due to severe special needs and/or abuse), a gentle activist and a Motivational Writer and Speaker. All of my work with you is all about creating a space of unconditional love, laughter, clarity, Divinely inspired guidance and deep healing. I use Astral Consciousness, my understanding of all Universal Laws with a strong emphasis regarding the Law of Attraction and the Law of Divine Oneness, innate understanding of human behavior, my endless supply of unconditional love and tap into Source Energy to help my clients reach new levels of higher consciousness, soul alignment, self-love and deeper levels of healing and precise visualization.

Healing Sessions offered ~

1) Blissful Intensive Healing Session (Initial Healing Session): A healing with me can include some or all of my gifts. I am a Medical Intuitive: I receive visions of dis-ease. Dis-ease can be a disease like Cancer or dis-ease meaning that you are not at ease. I look at the whole person holistically – I see your mind, heart, mind, body and soul. After I scan your mind, heart, body and soul, I immediately know what needs to be done. I am also, a Shamanic Healer. By using Shamanism I pull out negative vibration, dysfunctional thinking and dis-ease. I am also, a Pranic Healer. Pranic Healing is healing your energy/Chi/Prana. (I’d then describe what energy is.) I finish the healing off with Reiki. I infuse the body, heart, mind and soul with intense, white light that is filled with immense, unconditional love. During our session, I will also, be discussing Universal Laws and how I began to break them down into bite sized pieces so that you can begin living your best life. I specifically discuss the Laws of Attraction, Divine Oneness, Karma and Intention. I also, discuss your eating habits, finances, your relationships, your thinking patterns, your zest for life, the importance of laughter, joy and how to say “fuck it” to things that may not be giving you optimum living. I also am a medium and so I may be speaking to someone that has passed on. If a family member chooses to come to you to help you, this can be very healing. I am also, an Angel Whisperer, Clairvoyant and an Intuitive. Using these gifts helps me read you, your life and your future, past and present. I also, discuss Spiritual Matchmaking, Sexual Healing, Conscious living, Conscious coupling and if you have children Conscious parenting. The affects of my healings are instantaneous, long lasting and life-giving. Most people leave me in a deep state of relaxation, bliss and a deep knowing that healing has taken place. $120 for 2 hours.

2) Follow-up Healing Sessions: Clients usually leave me feeling healed, blissful and ready to begin the next chapter of their lives. However, if deeper healing is needed, you can schedule another session that can last between 1-2 hours long for $60 per hour.

3) Angel Whispering, Clairvoyance, Intuitive Reading and loving guidance: Intensive $100 for two hours and $60 for any additional hour. During our time together, I will tap into Source Energy as well as your Energy. I will begin receiving visions and hearing answers to your questions. The bulk of our time together will be spent on deciphering the information that I receive and guiding you, while using my intuition, The Law of Attraction, Divinely guided information and my unconditional love. $60 per hour.

*I’m currently “revamping” my site. I have listed what I do on this homepage with my prices. And I still have tabs to fully explain what I do. Thank you for your patience while I continue to improve this beautiful site that my awesome coach/guide and dear friend Pierre Luc Beaudry and I work on. Have a beautiful day!!