Why One Would Enter the Dark Night of the Soul

ย A dear friend just sent me photos of beautiful women. And said, “that’s when I was beautiful.” Instant tears because I know the journey she is on.

When you become brave enough to go through the dark night of the soul…. You are often times stripped of your material belongings (for me it was 2 houses, a car, jobs, etc.), your health (boy do I know that one)…& your beauty, sometimes.

Because all of those things are superficial. Not in a bad way. However, if you chose the spiritual warrior’s path, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s extremely humbling, heartbreaking & exhausting. You question your sanity. Why would one choose such a difficult path?

Because you find out who you are at the core of your being. You find out how strong you are, how wise you are, how magnificently brilliant you are!! And you come to know & see God in every experience, every moment, every breath…

It is a deeply spiritual journey to self. You come to know how beautiful your soul is. Once you heal your soul & mind – you will naturally become more & more beautiful. Because your soul shines out. And you become unconditionally loving of all beings, experiences…life itself.ย ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโ˜ฎ๐Ÿ•‰โ˜ฏ

* Dear sweet soul – you are magnificent. Please see your brilliant light, the way that I do… When you get “there”. I love you!!ย ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผโœจ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘โœจ๐Ÿ‘

Begin to love yourself enough…to choose life!


Part of my delicious, life-giving lunch!

I cannot believe that I use to be afraid of fruit! I was so fearful of it, that I stopped eating it for years. And not until the last 2 years have I made sure that I either create a green smoothie in the morning filled with broccoli, seaweed, wheatgrass, spinach, frozen berries, mango and whatever other fresh fruit that I have. Or a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast or lunch. I also, add supplements and a green powder filled with tons of veggies, enzymes, fruit and other life-giving ingredients.

I wasn’t only afraid of fruit.. I boxed myself into a corner of suicidal tendencies. So much that when I was my most ill, my Dr said that I was the equivalent of a starving Ethiopian Child! When I was a teenager and went for one of my best trips ever to Europe, I lived off of apples, water and bread for weeks. And every time I visit my family in Hawaii, I lose at least 20 pounds. I literally stop eating whenever there is a big transition in my life.

I had allowed myself to be controlled by fear that manifested in the way that I ate…or rather didn’t eat. I have had many texture issues, food allergies – no caffeine, alcohol, all melons, all citrus, no fish, I try to stay away from fried foods, gluten, all milk products and any and all meat freaks me out. I have literally began to cry too many times to count, when I think of the poor animal that I had been eating and stopped immediately. And now my over active imagination has other constraints – I have worried about where food is bought, who has prepared it, what the texture is, if I have deemed it “safe”, if something is organic, if it has GMO’s in it, and if the people I am eating with are peaceful.

I share all of that with you to show you, that YOU CAN greatly shift your consciousness!! You can reprogram your thinking patterns. I now see food as a gift of life! I now want to live a healthy, vibrant life! I now use all that I have taught others on myself!! My mom kept saying, “healer, heal thyself!!” And I HAVE!! Whooohooo!!!! And so can YOU!! YOU CAN slowly and systematically begin to shift your thinking patterns. But it is a constant, vigilance. And if you begin, you will be learning how to reprogram yourself into thinking that you are worthy of life. You are worthy of being able to jump out of bed and be excited about your day!! You are worthy of doing anything and everything that you desire!!

Within my work with my clients, the number one thing that stops people from shifting their consciousness is the lack of self-worth. What is it that scares you the most? Why do you not feel worthy of releasing fear, stubborn out-dated thinking patterns that no longer serve you and self-hatred? The people that helped contribute to very low vibrational thinking are NOT WORTH your surrender!!

The more that I work with people on this very deep level of lack of self-worth, the truth is blatantly roaring it’s ugly head!! NOT ENOUGH LOVE!! Or rather, not being loved the way that each person longed to be loved, accepted, cherished. And so, I must tell you… NOW IS THE TIME!! You have grown up and you can choose to no longer be influenced so intensely by others. Every single person that was of influence over you, was actually reacting to their own pain. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. I dare you to GOOGLE ways of how to raise your vibration. By raising our vibration we bring more and more experiences, synchronicity – chain reactions that help us greatly shift our consciousness into peaceful, deep knowing of our own profound worth. You are worthy of this life… Say that 10 times and let it sink deeply into your consciousness. You are worthy of this life…

You Create Your Reality. Choose Love.. Choose Light.

Beautiful, amazing Shamanic healing between a young man, his girlfriend & I… ??โ˜ฎ?โ˜ฏ??โœจ

On Tuesday night I received a phone call from a young man that was in a fearful, freaked out state of being. At first, I couldn’t understand him correctly. He just kept saying, “is this Jennifer Ching Lopez?” I said, “yes, how can I help you?” I then said, “breathe..” So he took a deep breath and said, “are you the Jennifer Ching Lopez that does Shamanic Healings?” I said, “yes, how can I help you? Are you ok?” And then as per the norm, I felt such a wash of deep sorrow take over my body, as I connected to his energy. And I knew at once, that he was so very deep in his way of thinking. And I thought, “hmm…this one is going to be a tough one! How am I going to help him shift his thinking patterns? How is he going to come into full understanding that he was the one creating all of his own hysteria?” I could feel his internal fighting within his mind, body and soul. I could sense that he was so afraid to tell me why he had called me. So again, I said, “breathe… Relax and tell me, what has you in such a state?” We spoke for at least 20 minutes and then he asked if he could set up an emergency appointment.

The reason he wanted to meet with me to have a healing, was because he was convinced since the age of 10 (!) that he had an “evil entity” living in the core of his body…. This so didn’t sit well with me! As I was reading up on Shamanism to create my website, I realized that most shamans practice “extraction”. (On my website, I deliberately excluded this part of my shamanic healing session description. But I do see now, that I have always helped with extraction. ) After years and years of studying different religions, spirituality, shamanism, mysticism, etc… I’ve come to the conclusion…that there is no such thing as evil. I know that A LOT of you still believe in such a thing… But my understanding is…that there is only different levels of intense pain that we react to. This gets complicated with biochemical reactions in our brains… One of the first things I asked him when I met him was, “how is your diet?” I know you’re probably thinking: “how does evil and one’s diet correlate?” It’s simple…it doesn’t! However, if you are eating tons of sugar, your insulin spikes. Or you could be having an allergic reaction to wheat or caffeine or alcohol milk or nuts or….whatever. All of that mixed with being abused as a child or raped as a teenager or something horrific in your past, mixed with a horrible diet, little sleep, no faith in a higher power or some sort of spiritual work during the day (prayer, meditation…a simple walk)…mixed with drug and/or alcohol abuse — are the makings of a belief system that is pretty darn broken. And yes, one can begin to believe that there is “evil” in our world or even within….

The reason “an evil entity extraction” bothered me was because, I went to Catholic School. And even though I am not a practicing Catholic. I still have some things still programmed into my thinking patterns. And so, I see that this was actually going to turn out to be a magnificent gift for me! During Wednesday, before I met him, I just kept thinking: “do you still believe in evil? Or have you truly shifted your consciousness regarding this?” After I put the lil one I nanny down for nap, I stepped outside to talk to God about it. And right when I got to my car, a hawk landed right in front of me. As a shaman, I receive many of my answers from the natural world. Every single animal holds medicine and soo many answers. Hawks symbolize: spiritual awareness, higher perspective, the power to see clearly, and a very strong connection to spirituality – God consciousness – love. And then I began hearing loud bird noises… It was 2 other hawks fighting over a snake!! How symbolic is that?! lol I LOVE how deeply connected I am and aware of both our humanness and the spirit world!!

Yes, I could have seen it as “good winning over evil”. But in actuality, snakes symbolize: transmutation, becoming the You that you were always suppose to be, healing and spiritual guidance… So, in actuality it has nothing to do with “good winning over evil”. But rather, both this young man and I mirroring each other beautifully. If you put hawk energy and snake energy together you get…awakening, becoming more conscious, intense healing, intense expansion and again, becoming the You that you were always suppose to be. And guess what I always write about? Just that! lol Beautiful synchronicity!! Beautiful healing on my part at first…and then his. My intense fear of meeting this young man and him potentially having “evil” connected to him, immediately disappeared in my mind. And I was overtaken with nothing but love and a deeper understanding of my gifts to help others heal and come back into harmony, peace…balance.

When I drove up to my home, I saw him and his girlfriend sitting eagerly waiting for me. I welcomed them into my home, sat them down and went straight to business. I began asking him questions like: “how long have you been feeling like this? Do you remember a horrible incident occurring around the same time? If you two are making love – she needs to protect herself. Have you studied the Law of Attraction before? What is your diet like? Are you sleeping, etc…” I knew the answers before they came out of his mouth. And so, before we began the healing, I explained to him that yes, I could extract the negative vibrational thinking, the sick sensations he felt all the time, etc.. BUT that if he did not take my lessons to heart, that whatever it was that was bothering him would return. Because it was self-created.

We went into my session room and he was almost going to cry. He warned me that he would be having severe convulsions. And I said, “don’t worry, you won’t. You are in a sacred, safe place that only welcomes and creates love. You are safe and so very loved.” This shocked him. It was like, he was waiting for me to be afraid. And I asked him if I could pray first. (During our phone conversation, he said that he didn’t believe in God, the Universe, etc.. And I said, “well, there’s half of your problem. You need a higher power to love, feel loved by and surrender your fear to…”)

The healing was amazing!! I saw him transform right in front of my eyes!! It was sooo immensely beautiful!! During the whole time, I asked his girlfriend to join us, so that she could be part of all of the questions and answers, the healing, the love, the peace. And I watched her transform as he did. We spoke a total of 3.5 hours and I tried to infuse into him everything I know about the Law of Attraction. He was a brilliant 22 year old that had been misdiagnosed for 12 long years, had spent a year in a mental institute, had been put on drug after drug, had suicidal tendencies and almost everyone had walked out of his life, thinking that he was crazy.

As he laid on my massage table after the healing I said, “I have to be honest with you. Is that ok?” He said, “of course.” I said, “I’m so sorry if this hurts, but someone has to tell you… You are stuck in victimhood. Your breath and body smell. It’s time to get your shit together and LIVE!! It’s time to grow up… You’re only 22 and your so very wise already. You have a magnificent life waiting for you. What are you waiting for?! What the heck is scaring you so much?!” And he said, “why does all of that hurt so much?” My answer, “because no one with as much love for him as I had for him in that moment had ever told him the straight up truth before.” He asked why I told him? My answer,”because he was the exact mirror of me before I started breaking down the Law of Attraction and living it non-stop.” I was a broken down spirit that just wanted to die. I didn’t have an “evil entity living in me”… But I had horrid self-loathing, no self-worth, suicidal tendencies, etc… So I recognize all of it! And I refuse to lie to a person that asks for my help and is ready for the truth. He then said, “but life is so scary. What if I fail?” My answer: “that failing is part of the good part of life. It teaches us deeper compassion, it shows us our strength, it points us in the right direction, to find our path, our purpose. Failing and pain are bittersweet gifts.

When he stood up, his girlfriend said that he was standing up taller and straighter. And he said “for the first time in 12 years, he felt safe, loved, accepted and excited about life…” Wow…just wow. Just writing about him brings such joy in my heart. Before he left, I continued breaking down the Law of Attraction. I explained that everything that we think, say and especially feel creates our reality. That he had manifested all of it as a way to self-protect himself from actually having to live his life. That he was so afraid of failing that he would choose to be put in mental institutes, almost fail out of college, live in almost constant pain, not be able to have a healthy functional relationship with anyone (except with his girlfriend – who was such a brilliant being of light!), etc. But that he had obviously began to shift his thinking because he had attracted his girlfriend and me into his life. When he thought about that, you could see such a wash of peace take over his face and body… It was beautiful to see him realize that he loved himself that much…

Thank you for reading! ???โœจimage

On a Soul Level; There is No Wrong or Right. Just a beautiful BEingness…

I recently worked with a client that had what I call, “a shawl of shame”. During our first phone call, I could feel it. And when I first met her, she was able to be quite joyful and had no problem looking into my eyes. However, when we began to discuss the “nitty gritty” of why she was coming to see me – she began to have a very difficult time holding eye contact with me.

I asked her about it as soon as I began to notice what was going on. Which made her crawl deeper into the safety of her personal space. I reminded her that she came to see me for a healing intentionally. That she was exhausted of hiding her truth. We spoke for a short while and then we began the healing. The healing was a difficult one for me. It was the first, out of many healings that my client’s energy simply would not move. I openly discussed that it was her that was being stubborn. And that if she wanted to remain in her pain, that it was completely her choice. But that I had done my work and had tried everything that I could think of to help her shift her consciousness.

When suddenly it hit me… On a soul level, there is no right or wrong. There is simply a beautiful BEingness.

She was madly in love with someone. And that someone already has someone to love. And so, I asked her to “rip the bandaid” off and tell the person of her affection! That she simply could not go another moment in her self-created agony. That she had 3 outcomes that could possibly happen. 1) The person would answer her with great intensity and passionate love in return to match her’s. 2) Silence. Complete abandonment. And intense loneliness. But just for a short while. As humans, we are amazingly resilient!! (Side note: When we decide to be brave, stand in our power and speak our truth – we literally tell the Universe, that we are ready to become abundant and to work towards that abundance…whether it be financial abundance, love, friendship, vibrant health, etc… And we show ourselves that we are so much more than we ever believed!!) And 3) She could become a side relationship. That polyamory is the wave of the future. And that this person was showing her signs that this is what they wanted from her.

But…would #3 be enough for her?? I mean, who wants to be #2 in a loving relationship? Well, sometimes that is actually all that we can handle. So we must remain to be open to all possibilities. All 3 people are busy career oriented people. Maybe being a 3rd party would be sufficient enough for her, for now?

When I discussed this sort of very open-mindedness – the shawl of shame came right back onto her back. Her shoulders began to slump, her stomach began to ache and she had difficulty focusing. So again, I reiterated that on a soul level there truly is no right or wrong. There simply is…what is. There is no judgement. Because all of our religious rules, “sins” and societal norms were man made…not God made. Not created out of the true understanding and honoring of what it means to be spirits living a human life. And if you allow yourself to only live within these man made boundaries, you stifle your spiritual evolution.

So I asked her to see this. To see that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She is madly, deeply in love on a very deep, soul level. How could that possibly be wrong? What could be wrong is her response to her love’s reaction. Because in the long run – there are 3 people involved with a rippling affect that could touch many.

She became very concerned about her karma. And I explained to her that the Universal law of Karma is in conjunction with the Universal Law of Cause and affect. So yes, there is no real wrong or right in any situation – there is only our Divine humanity. However, there is a karmic reaction to EVERYTHING that we do. And so no, karma will not “get her”. Because she is coming from love and only wants to share love…pure, unconditional love.

However, if we take a block away from this stack, a block is still missing and needs to be returned. If her love chooses number 1. There will still be a karmic reaction. They could possibly fall madly in love, break up and move onto another loving relationship. And within that relationship – their new mates could possibly cheat on them. And this is not something to be fearful about. Because within any and all pain, there are sublime life lessons learned. There is no real pain, unless we stoke the fire of it. Yes, there is initial shock…a sting of pain. But if you step back into the seat of your soul – you will see so many lessons at hand. Lessons that teach us more and more about our true life’s purpose, more compassion for others and ourselves and shows us our immense strength.

Isn’t it quite profound to think…that there is no wrong or right on a soul level? I found it to be quite fascinating. The more I release fear, the clearer I see.

Choose What Moments to Hold Onto and Which to Release…

dragonflyThis morning, I woke up feeling ugly. Past feelings of me feeling inadequate came splashing into my consiousness. I got up, did some chores, got ready for work and then ran to the market. As I walked around the market I thought, “really Jen?! Why are you feeling ugly? When you’re feeling so healthy?” So then, I took stock of who I am today and compared a rather long list to who I use to be. And I thought “shoot girl, you got it going on!” lol

That little tweak shifted my perception of myself (which raised my vibration) and the day ahead of me. As I was loading my car with groceries, I felt like someone was staring at me. I put in the last bag and then noticed a rather yummy man staring at me. I’m REALLY shy, so I tried not to look back. But my curiosity won! lol I started to giggle and then he started to giggle. And I said, “can I help you?” And he started to laugh with a more hearty laugh and said, “you caught me! I was checking you out! You’re so beautiful!” LOL I totally got the giggles, thanked him and then drove off as quickly as possilbe. lol

I then got on the highway and was beaming with the joy that you receive when someone you find attractive, also finds you attractive. But then bam! Traffic! I found myself squished in between two large trucks, a car ahead of me and a car riding my bumper. I found myself beginning to ride the car’s bumper ahead of me. I felt rude and I felt scared and angry and rushed and unsafe.

And then I took a deep breath and I surrendered. I thought, “raise your vibration and get yourself out of this mess!” So I did! I focused on the deliciousness of being found attractive. That’s all it took! Bam! The truck on my left slowed down and let me in front of him and I sped up to got away from the craziness of that possibly dangerous situation.

I share all of this with you to share with you (again, sorry. lol But I LOVE noticing and speaking about the wonderfulness of our vibration!) so that you can begin to notice that you have innate power!! You also, have the wonderful blessing of choice!! You get to co-create EVERYTHING that is happening to you, and I do mean EVERYTHING!! Yes, it takes diligence and a deep wanting to shift, heal, expand and create whatever it is that you believe will bring you lasting joy…

The photo that I’ve attached is of me, holding a dragonfly. I was having a meltdown. lol My son was trying to take photos of me for my website and the wind kept picking up. I was struggling with perfectionism. When I finally said, “ah f*ck it! Just snap away my love. Whatever photos you take will be fine.” I closed my eyes and began to meditate. I felt the wind, the warm sun and became increasingly aware of the presence and connection of God/the Universe. And I exhaled thinking, ” I surrender”… And when I opened my eyes, there was a dragonfly sitting on me! I picked it up very gently and thanked it for helping me to feel so deeply loved by all that there is…

Moments… They are fleeting. So you get to choose what to hold onto and what to release… I don’t recall the fearful feelings I had boxed in on the highway this morning. I only remember the exhilaration of connecting for a moment with a beautiful man, I remember the wind on the day this photo was taken, I remember deep gratitude for my son taking photos of me for my very own website and I remember the dragonfly. Choose wisely and you will find peace…<3

Your Mission in Life, is To Become YOU Fully Actualized

dharmaI know now that I am living my dharma (true path, the way to cosmic order…my purpose for being here.).

Yes, at times it can be terrifying. Because so many will tell you that you’re going the wrong way. That others will talk about you & that they will leave you. You’ll feel judged, lonely & at times frustrated, angry & bewildered.

However, if you choose to go the way of the warrior, you will find out that you’re stronger & wiser than you could have ever imagined. And piece by piece, your puzzle will come together in a beautiful mosaic of Divine love & grace.

How does one find out what they are here for? By quieting the chatter within your mind, your life & your being. I moved away from the busyness of life. I’ve spent years alone, living as a monk within countless hours of prayer, meditation & pure “BEingness”. Everything else fell to the side & I was left with the immense pain of my humanity.

I’ve chosen to attract experiences to help me rapidly expand my consciousness. These experiences have been humiliating, painful, life-giving, hilarious & profoundly heart & mind opening.

Choosing to live your dharma is not for the weak of heart. But once you go through “the dark night of the soul”, you begin to become more & more enlightened and joy & light-filled. Everything begins to make sense. And you naturally begin to notice the constant dance of synchronicity that helps you leap from one state of being to the next.

There’s a constant flow of lessons. Lesson upon lesson & you must choose to be open to them. There’s been times that I’ve desperately wanted to stop. But once you really begin your journey, there is no turning back.

Your mission in life is to become you, fully actualized. Within this amazing state of being, pain no longer lasts as long. Life tastes sweeter. You’ll laugh with more zest. You’ll naturally begin to heal quickly. You’ll naturally become more abundant. You’ll understand others immediately. And you’ll know a peace, that was unfathomable in the past. And you’ll know God, the purest, highest vibration of love.

The Healing Connection Between Angelic Presence and Synchronicity

anglecloud1ย violetraysย angelcloud2 Last week on the way to work, I stopped at a stop sign and noticed ย a lady looking up at a tree, smiling, speaking (to no one in sight) and with her hands palm to palm in the prayer position. I smiled and thought, “you go sister”! I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I could feel my vibration quickly raising to unconditional love for this woman. If I hadn’t had to go to work, I would have pulled over and joined in with her praising God/the Universe/all that there is. But I slowly drove away, watching her become more and more joyful. She had tears rolling down her cheeks and a huge smile on her face.

As I drove away, I slowly tried to returned my focus towards work mode. I tried to focus on what I needed to do to prepare myself for work. But my focus became ever more attentive to the song that was playing on the radio, “We Belong”, by Pat Benatar. I’m not sure if you know of the song, but she was singing the most gorgeous chorus – “We belong together”.

As I listened to the song, I relished the pulsing vibration of love flowing throughout my body, mind and soul. And I started to giggle. I thought, if anyone else had seen that lady, they would have thought of her as odd. But I so “got” her. She was in such a state of grace, love, and passion. She was so into the mode of love, that she wasn’t aware of anyone else around her that could have been judging her.

This giggle lead to another giggle and memories. When I was little, my little sister (who is 7 years younger than myself), use to ask, “are you here or are you with God?” I had totally forgotten that my lil sis was the only one that noticed that I probably spent at least 50% of my days spent in almost a trance with God. This memory reminded me of another memory. When my son was very little, he too would ask, “are you here? Or are you with God?” These two memories brought such deep, deep joy to me. To know that I have spent a lifetime living a deeply spiritual life. All of this is not new to me. But the speaking and writing about is. Why do I do it? To hopefully help others know the safe haven that is always waiting for us. All of Divinity is waiting for us to just ask for help. We have been given the amazing gift of free choice. And so your angels will not step in, unless you ask them to.

Another amazing gift that we have been given is synchronicity. The more you begin to become mindful of all of the gifts that you are continuously being given, the more you will notice these gifts. When I work with a client, one of the first things that we work on is gratitude and mindfulness.

Here are some examples of synchronicity after I observed the praying lady:

*My “special angel numbers are 4 and 7”. We all have them. And I strongly suggest that you become ever more aware of your numbers. When you see your numbers over and over again, make a mental note of what you are thinking. Your angels are giving you messages through the repetition of seeing your numbers over and over again on license plates, the time, money, etc… After watching the lady, I pulled onto the highway and the first license plate that I noticed had the numbers: 4744!! And right when I noticed those numbers, the DJ on the radio said that it was 7:47am!!

*Throughout the day, I kept seeing beautiful clouds in the shapes of angels!! In fact, I’m constantly seeing angels and ย hearts! I know and believe with all of my being that they exist! And my belief has been amplified through the work that I do. As soon as I touch a client’s 3rd eye or heart chakras, many light beings come floating in and begin to help me channel Divine white healing light and intense, unconditional love into a client. When it first began happening, it was a bit overwhelming! But now, I wait for them. Because I know that they are always here!!

We are never alone! And we are deeply loved.

** To begin learning about the numbers that you are constantly seeing, like 11:11, 4;44, 7:11, I highly suggest Googling; Angle numbers. The first listing is a site that I find to be amazing! The author really understands angel messages via numbers. I also, suggest becoming very observant of any animals that keep coming into your consciousness (your totem spirit guides) or in every day life. Like whenever I am upset and angry, deer walk up to me. In Shamanic thinking, the deer represents gentleness. My natural state of being is gentleness. Connecting with deer, reminds me to stay true to myself. And to move away from negative vibrational energy connected to negative thinking patterns and behaviors. So when you see an animal that keeps coming into your daily life, Google: symbolism of… (whatever animal that keeps coming to you.). There is meaning behind everything. Take baby steps to allowing yourself to become ever more present to angelic presence. I promise you, this is the way to joyful living. Namaste beautiful beings.

Shifts in Consciousness

imageIt’s taken me, with amazing amounts of help, guidance and love from my life coach, guide, dearest friend Pierre Luc Beaudry months to create this website. He’s observed me manifest things and experiences very quickly. And yet subconsciously, I was holding this project back. One day, after many hours spent trying to convince me that I am worthy of the gifts, blessings and abilities in my life… He blurted out, “what’s going on? What’s holding you back?” (From manifesting this site and transitioning into doing healing work and writing more full time.) It’s always been about not feeling worthy enough. Somewhere within my life, I created within me, feelings of unworthiness. And it’s been a struggle to find the courage to accept myself, as is – perfectly imperfect.

I do believe that this is one of my greatest gifts – to show people that we are all perfectly imperfect. And within our imperfection is…perfection. I write these words a lot…”we were created by love and so we are love”. And if we are love, why can’t we forgive ourselves for being human? Well in writing this post, I finally “toss in the towel”! This is it! I’m launching this site today!! YAY!! lol I’m nervous, thrilled, and humbled!! It’s been a huge labor of love, huge life lessons and an in depth look at what I do, as a healer. Part of the hesitation was that I do miraculous things, through intensive, healing energy and love. And I feel confidant in those abilities (finally). And I feel OVERJOYED that I am blessed with them. Yet, I had no idea how to explain what I do. To me, it’s just love…unconditional love.

Within the photo I chose for today, is a puddle with some oil left from a car in it. The little two year old that I nanny and I stood over it, for a good 15 minutes. I kept taking his hand and slowly walking around the puddle. With each tiny step, we saw more beauty. The oil was iridescent and you could see beautiful clouds reflecting in it. Parents from his preschool kept walking by, saying things like, “isn’t that gross what our cars do? And PLEASE don’t let him close to that mess!” My response, “you’re missing out. Don’t you see the beauty within it?” Again, another reminder of why I haven’t felt worthy of this life. I’ve often been thought of as odd. Because I am intensely mindful of all of the gifts that are abundantly surrounding all of us. And I slow down to observe and sit in awe and gratitude. I hope that through reading my posts, that you too join in on the wonderfulness of mindfulness.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer Oh how I adore this quote and Wayne Dyer! And that’s exactly what I have done! I’ve changed the way I looked at this site, my work, my gifts and my own self. I shifted my consciousness and I realized that this is who I am. And if I can’t be joyful in my own “Me-ness”, how am I going to live a joyful, abundant life? During the past four years, I’ve become more joyful, healthy, abundant and coming to a peaceful spot within. And just within the past week since I finally decided that it was time, that I felt worthy of this site, I have manifest amazing things!! I raised my vibration to my natural state of joy and magic happened!

1) Months ago, I was interviewed and told that an article was going to be posted on Bunyhawk.com about me being a Shaman. And I was also, asked to write another article about Shamanism by the same magazine. I also, wrote an article for Mannabliss.com about “tapping into Source Energy”. All three articles were supposed to come out in March. It’s now May. I released it and thought, “it will come about, when everything is in alignment. And this past week, I was told that the articles will be coming out next week! Perfectly in alignment with the launching of my site!!

2) I kept thinking, “I really want a facial.” lol I am not very materialistic and I don’t attach much thought to my exterior self. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that I lost 90 pounds and I look 10 years younger now that I am healthy! But I boycotted make-up about 20 years ago.) And yet lately, I’ve been thinking – “girl, it’s time you bought some good moisturizer and started taking care of your face!” So…2 days ago, I was in a mall with the lil one and this lady stopped me to give me a free sample of one of their products. I said, “no thank you, unless it’s organic.” She said, “no worries, it’s all organic. Come try it. Give me your hand.” OMG this stuff is AMAZING!! So I told her that I would love to buy her least expensive, smallest bottle. Well, when I walked away from her, she had given me over $500 worth of the product and a voucher for a free facial!! lol I only paid a very small amount of money. When she was moisturizing my hands, we talked about me, being a healer, intuitive and life coach. And she asked for a reading. So I went right into Astral Consciousness and everything that I told her, was spot on! And one of the things I told her, was that she wasn’t meant to be working in a small kiosk in the middle of a mall. That she was suppose to have a very high position of power within the company. She ended up being the general director of the company!! I love it when I read people so clearly! lol

3) That connection with the “product lady” is going to lead into a few business opportunities… I’ll leave it at that for now.

Many other things have happened since I finally decided that it was time to launch my site! I shifted my consciousness and now feel worthy of wonderfulness. Not feeling worthy is a huge wall that keeps us from creating vibrant health, creating loving relationships and holistic abundance. Once I shifted and began to feel worthy – amazing things began to happen! This lesson keeps recycling for me personally. And I do believe it is because every time it happens, I become more equipped to teach others how to feel worthy, how to manifest and how to become more joy-filled.

Namaste beautiful beings… And thank you for visiting! REMEMBER: YOU ARE worthy!!

Raising Your Vibration, Can Instantly Change Your Life

letgoandletGodOn Friday I was on my way to work, driving on the highway. I was feeling stressed because I was running a bit late for work… When all of a sudden I hit a traffic jam – complete stop!

I could feel signs of stress rapidly creating dis-ease within my body – neck ache & stomachache. When I remembered to breathe & surrender. And then I thought, “if I raise my vibration – all will be fine”. I released fear regarding anyone being hurt & perhaps the cause of the traffic jam. I released fear of being late for work. And began visualizing myself getting to work early. And I began to do deep breathing exercises. With every exhale I thought, “I surrender “. And with every inhale I thought, “BE peace”.

And then I looked to my left & saw this! I thought, “really Jen?! You’re stressed, why?!” And I felt gratitude swelling within me & my vibration rising… And boom! No more traffic jam!! And I got to work 5 minutes early!!

When you feel stressed remember to: 1) Breathe. 2) Surrender. 3) Wake up! And really access your situation. 4) Immediately go into raising vibration mode & begin visualizing your desired outcome. And 5) Sit in gratitude

The Power of Love Soothes All

mamacowsbabycowThroughout my life, Iโ€™ve had many opportunities to share instantaneous healings with other people and animals. Most times, people end up in my arms crying and sharing with me their deepest sorrow. I listen, I cry as well, I share advice/intuitive guidance/angel whispering and then I share a quick Reiki healing with her or him. And then off I goโ€ฆ

Last week, I took one of the lil boys that I nanny to a nearby farm/museum. And as soon as we stepped onto the farm property, I had a wash of deep sorrow come over me. I looked at my lil friend and he was beaming with happiness. (He LOVES animials, like myself.) So I knew it wasn’t him. It was a gorgeous day and the farm was filled with little ones visiting on school field trips. Everything appeared to be good and right in the world. But within moments I heard VERY LOUD “Mooo‘s”!! They were so loud that you could hear them throughout the farm.

My lil friend, who is just 2 and a half, but quite intuitive pulled my hand to walk faster. He was bringing me to the cows. In the past when we’ve gone to the farm, we’ve visted 2 little calves that were snuggled and warm in a barn with plenty of food, water and a heating lamp. But this time, they were outside. Like I mentioned before the day was gorgeous and they had a big field to play in, plenty of water and food. Immediately I thought, “why are you crying? Why aren’t you playing in your lovely field?”

When we walked closer, I noticed that they stood very close together and they were both crying and moo’ing. Me, being me and my lil friend being himself – we both started to cry as well. So I reached out and held one in my arms. I’ve never held a cow before. lol It was quite large, but you could tell it was still a baby. I immediately began giving him a Reiki healing and infusing him with intense love. As soon as I began to infuse his body with love, I could feel his body begin to relax and he stopped moo’ing. I did the same with his sibling and she stopped crying and moo’ing as well.

I know you might find me odd…lol But I will be discussing through my blog posts that I use telepathy with animals before. So I began to soothe them with spoken words, words from my heart, Divine white healing Reiki light and the highest vibration of Love. I explained to them that there mom’s were busy at work, being milked. But would return to them soon. And this most definitely appeared to soothe them. I then, went in and did healings and blessings on all of the cows that were being milked.

I will be asking you all to pray a lot. lol But could you please send as much love that you can muster up to those cows, to all cows, to all animals, to all beings? Later that night, my heart was heavy. I thought, “why the heck are we separating animal babies from their mothers? Why are we drinking their milk? (Thankfully I’m lactose intolerant.) Why are we eating them? (I know that we all have our reasons. And this was s NOT me judging! It truly is me trying to process something I’ve been trying to understand my whole life. As well as just sharing another story about the power of love. ?) Hmm…things to ponder. But for now, can you please just send love to yourself, your family, your friends, and to all that I listed above. Ripples of love can heal our world and our humanity. Believe… And THANK YOU for helping those cows!! ?????????โ˜ฎโ˜ฏ?