Shifts in Consciousness

imageIt’s taken me, with amazing amounts of help, guidance and love from my life coach, guide, dearest friend Pierre Luc Beaudry months to create this website. He’s observed me manifest things and experiences very quickly. And yet subconsciously, I was holding this project back. One day, after many hours spent trying to convince me that I am worthy of the gifts, blessings and abilities in my life… He blurted out, “what’s going on? What’s holding you back?” (From manifesting this site and transitioning into doing healing work and writing more full time.) It’s always been about not feeling worthy enough. Somewhere within my life, I created within me, feelings of unworthiness. And it’s been a struggle to find the courage to accept myself, as is – perfectly imperfect.

I do believe that this is one of my greatest gifts – to show people that we are all perfectly imperfect. And within our imperfection is…perfection. I write these words a lot…”we were created by love and so we are love”. And if we are love, why can’t we forgive ourselves for being human? Well in writing this post, I finally “toss in the towel”! This is it! I’m launching this site today!! YAY!! lol I’m nervous, thrilled, and humbled!! It’s been a huge labor of love, huge life lessons and an in depth look at what I do, as a healer. Part of the hesitation was that I do miraculous things, through intensive, healing energy and love. And I feel confidant in those abilities (finally). And I feel OVERJOYED that I am blessed with them. Yet, I had no idea how to explain what I do. To me, it’s just love…unconditional love.

Within the photo I chose for today, is a puddle with some oil left from a car in it. The little two year old that I nanny and I stood over it, for a good 15 minutes. I kept taking his hand and slowly walking around the puddle. With each tiny step, we saw more beauty. The oil was iridescent and you could see beautiful clouds reflecting in it. Parents from his preschool kept walking by, saying things like, “isn’t that gross what our cars do? And PLEASE don’t let him close to that mess!” My response, “you’re missing out. Don’t you see the beauty within it?” Again, another reminder of why I haven’t felt worthy of this life. I’ve often been thought of as odd. Because I am intensely mindful of all of the gifts that are abundantly surrounding all of us. And I slow down to observe and sit in awe and gratitude. I hope that through reading my posts, that you too join in on the wonderfulness of mindfulness.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer Oh how I adore this quote and Wayne Dyer! And that’s exactly what I have done! I’ve changed the way I looked at this site, my work, my gifts and my own self. I shifted my consciousness and I realized that this is who I am. And if I can’t be joyful in my own “Me-ness”, how am I going to live a joyful, abundant life? During the past four years, I’ve become more joyful, healthy, abundant and coming to a peaceful spot within. And just within the past week since I finally decided that it was time, that I felt worthy of this site, I have manifest amazing things!! I raised my vibration to my natural state of joy and magic happened!

1) Months ago, I was interviewed and told that an article was going to be posted on about me being a Shaman. And I was also, asked to write another article about Shamanism by the same magazine. I also, wrote an article for about “tapping into Source Energy”. All three articles were supposed to come out in March. It’s now May. I released it and thought, “it will come about, when everything is in alignment. And this past week, I was told that the articles will be coming out next week! Perfectly in alignment with the launching of my site!!

2) I kept thinking, “I really want a facial.” lol I am not very materialistic and I don’t attach much thought to my exterior self. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that I lost 90 pounds and I look 10 years younger now that I am healthy! But I boycotted make-up about 20 years ago.) And yet lately, I’ve been thinking – “girl, it’s time you bought some good moisturizer and started taking care of your face!” So…2 days ago, I was in a mall with the lil one and this lady stopped me to give me a free sample of one of their products. I said, “no thank you, unless it’s organic.” She said, “no worries, it’s all organic. Come try it. Give me your hand.” OMG this stuff is AMAZING!! So I told her that I would love to buy her least expensive, smallest bottle. Well, when I walked away from her, she had given me over $500 worth of the product and a voucher for a free facial!! lol I only paid a very small amount of money. When she was moisturizing my hands, we talked about me, being a healer, intuitive and life coach. And she asked for a reading. So I went right into Astral Consciousness and everything that I told her, was spot on! And one of the things I told her, was that she wasn’t meant to be working in a small kiosk in the middle of a mall. That she was suppose to have a very high position of power within the company. She ended up being the general director of the company!! I love it when I read people so clearly! lol

3) That connection with the “product lady” is going to lead into a few business opportunities… I’ll leave it at that for now.

Many other things have happened since I finally decided that it was time to launch my site! I shifted my consciousness and now feel worthy of wonderfulness. Not feeling worthy is a huge wall that keeps us from creating vibrant health, creating loving relationships and holistic abundance. Once I shifted and began to feel worthy – amazing things began to happen! This lesson keeps recycling for me personally. And I do believe it is because every time it happens, I become more equipped to teach others how to feel worthy, how to manifest and how to become more joy-filled.

Namaste beautiful beings… And thank you for visiting! REMEMBER: YOU ARE worthy!!

Raising Your Vibration, Can Instantly Change Your Life

letgoandletGodOn Friday I was on my way to work, driving on the highway. I was feeling stressed because I was running a bit late for work… When all of a sudden I hit a traffic jam – complete stop!

I could feel signs of stress rapidly creating dis-ease within my body – neck ache & stomachache. When I remembered to breathe & surrender. And then I thought, “if I raise my vibration – all will be fine”. I released fear regarding anyone being hurt & perhaps the cause of the traffic jam. I released fear of being late for work. And began visualizing myself getting to work early. And I began to do deep breathing exercises. With every exhale I thought, “I surrender “. And with every inhale I thought, “BE peace”.

And then I looked to my left & saw this! I thought, “really Jen?! You’re stressed, why?!” And I felt gratitude swelling within me & my vibration rising… And boom! No more traffic jam!! And I got to work 5 minutes early!!

When you feel stressed remember to: 1) Breathe. 2) Surrender. 3) Wake up! And really access your situation. 4) Immediately go into raising vibration mode & begin visualizing your desired outcome. And 5) Sit in gratitude

The Power of Love Soothes All

mamacowsbabycowThroughout my life, I’ve had many opportunities to share instantaneous healings with other people and animals. Most times, people end up in my arms crying and sharing with me their deepest sorrow. I listen, I cry as well, I share advice/intuitive guidance/angel whispering and then I share a quick Reiki healing with her or him. And then off I go…

Last week, I took one of the lil boys that I nanny to a nearby farm/museum. And as soon as we stepped onto the farm property, I had a wash of deep sorrow come over me. I looked at my lil friend and he was beaming with happiness. (He LOVES animials, like myself.) So I knew it wasn’t him. It was a gorgeous day and the farm was filled with little ones visiting on school field trips. Everything appeared to be good and right in the world. But within moments I heard VERY LOUD “Mooo‘s”!! They were so loud that you could hear them throughout the farm.

My lil friend, who is just 2 and a half, but quite intuitive pulled my hand to walk faster. He was bringing me to the cows. In the past when we’ve gone to the farm, we’ve visted 2 little calves that were snuggled and warm in a barn with plenty of food, water and a heating lamp. But this time, they were outside. Like I mentioned before the day was gorgeous and they had a big field to play in, plenty of water and food. Immediately I thought, “why are you crying? Why aren’t you playing in your lovely field?”

When we walked closer, I noticed that they stood very close together and they were both crying and moo’ing. Me, being me and my lil friend being himself – we both started to cry as well. So I reached out and held one in my arms. I’ve never held a cow before. lol It was quite large, but you could tell it was still a baby. I immediately began giving him a Reiki healing and infusing him with intense love. As soon as I began to infuse his body with love, I could feel his body begin to relax and he stopped moo’ing. I did the same with his sibling and she stopped crying and moo’ing as well.

I know you might find me odd…lol But I will be discussing through my blog posts that I use telepathy with animals before. So I began to soothe them with spoken words, words from my heart, Divine white healing Reiki light and the highest vibration of Love. I explained to them that there mom’s were busy at work, being milked. But would return to them soon. And this most definitely appeared to soothe them. I then, went in and did healings and blessings on all of the cows that were being milked.

I will be asking you all to pray a lot. lol But could you please send as much love that you can muster up to those cows, to all cows, to all animals, to all beings? Later that night, my heart was heavy. I thought, “why the heck are we separating animal babies from their mothers? Why are we drinking their milk? (Thankfully I’m lactose intolerant.) Why are we eating them? (I know that we all have our reasons. And this was s NOT me judging! It truly is me trying to process something I’ve been trying to understand my whole life. As well as just sharing another story about the power of love. ?) Hmm…things to ponder. But for now, can you please just send love to yourself, your family, your friends, and to all that I listed above. Ripples of love can heal our world and our humanity. Believe… And THANK YOU for helping those cows!! ?????????☮☯?

Intuitive Reading/Shamanic and Reiki Healing for Bandy the Cat and His Wonderful Owner


Someone wrote to me with such sadness. She was very worried about her little cat, who kept having high fevers. She had already taken him to the vet twice, but the vet had no answers. And put the cat on antibiotics. In deep fear mode, my Instagram friend/acquaintance (who has now turned into a good friend) reached out to me and asked if I could do a reading for her cat.Bandyb4

As soon as I read those words, I jumped into Astral and immediately began reading her cat. I have done healings and blessings for animals before. But it was before I even knew I was a “healer”. I didn’t have time to do the healing when she asked. But immediately began writing to her all that was coming to me, regarding her beloved cat.

I told her that he was feeling her energy and that it was manifesting into illness. BandyafterShe said that he had never been ill before and that this dis-ease came on very quickly. Immediately I began to see my friend’s life, feel her intense fear and see that things were very chaotic in her life. I then jumped deeper into both of their astral consciousness. And saw that someone had died. But it wasn’t necessarily the person that died that my friend was worried about, but someone very close to the person that had passed on. I also, saw that my friend is seriously worrying about her financial situation. All three of these things were being shown all over her cat’s aura.

Now that I know what I am doing (lol), I found it VERY fascinating to find out that our animals are our mirrors. I wrote a couple of days ago how small children and animals are wide open, all chakras open and no walls around their hearts. And so, because they don’t understand why their caregivers are sad or angry or fearful – they internalize it and like I said, it manifests into illness or behavioral issues.

I then went to my job and did not find time until 11:15pm, on that night to give her cat a healing. At 11:19pm, I began writing to her about more visions I was receiving and then I began giving the healing. As I give healings, I recieve visions and so, I type as I go. lol At 11:25 (4:25am in Ireland, where they live) – she began writing back to me. She was utterly amazed!! Her cat had been lethargic and sleeping a lot. And at approximately 11:20 (4:20), her cat began to jump all over her and her bed. Awakened and very curious to see what had gotten into her cat, she went onto Instagram to see that I was giving the healing at that moment!! AMAZING!! We both began to cry, because we could feel Spirit’s love so intensely and S/He was healing my friend’s lil cat through me!! AMAZING!! (I know I should be use to this stuff by now…but I’m not! It humbles me and brings me to such tears of joy!!) (It’s freaking AMAZING that my friend and her cat were asleep and that her cat began to jump for joy (literally!), because the dis-ease was leaving his body, as I was healing him!!

So…long story short – my reading was spot on!! My friend is greatly struggling financially and is deeply fearful about what to do about it. And her close friend’s mother had died and was not found dead for 3 days! The horribly sad part was that she was her adult son’s caregiver. He is very mentally challenged and was left there with his dead mom, without food or warmth for 3 days!! Can you even imagine what the poor guy must have been feeling and thinking?? Can you imagine not knowing how to call the police or a relative to say that his mom had died?? Omg brings me to tears again, just thinking of him!! PLEASE say prayers for him and visualize him being comforted, loved and in a safe home. Thank you so much!!

My life as a healer/intuitive is deepening my consciousness at depths, I had no clue existed. As I mentioned above our animals and children are wide open. And so they are feeling everything that we are. Please be mindful of this. They don’t have the capabilities to process what is going on, especially since they don’t know what is going on. During very stressful times, please try to dig deep and be extra gentle, loving and affectionate. Believe me, I do know that it is very hard to be “lovey dovey” when you feel like your life is falling apart. But the benefits of being extra loving during times of hardship won’t just benefit your children and animals – but you as well!! Just Google the benefits of hugging. Physical touch and being present with one another is immensely life giving and deeply healing. Namaste beautiful beings. ????☯☮

Update: Within a day, her cat was feeling much better. The second photo is of him sunning himself. It brings me much joy to know that my friend and her cat Bandy are feeling much better!!

Choose to Believe in the Highest Good…

highestgoodThroughout my life, I’ve had many opportunities to share instantaneous healings with other people and animals. Most times, people end up in my arms crying and sharing with me their deepest sorrow. I listen, I cry as well, I share advice/intuitive guidance/angel whispering and then I share a quick Reiki healing with her or him. And then off I go…

I  had the opportunity to have another instantaneous healing a few weeks ago…

I was in line in the market, over hearing a bunch of young women in serious worry mode. They were discussing the presidential candidates. They kept discussing about how bad this guy was & how horrible this woman was. And I tapped one on the shoulder & asked, “what does your gut tell you?” She looked at me a bit shocked & blurted out…”Bernie.” And I said, well there ya go.

So the other 3 asked, “but what if there’s a war?” And I said whenever you have a choice listen to your higher self/your inner knowing/intuition…that’s your soul. And your soul is God/the Universe/Universal Consciousness…light…love. If you trust it, it will lead you to your Highest Good.

I then asked them to take 3 deep breaths & let it go. Right in line, I had 4 young women having s mini meditation. LOL Yes, I am crazy… Crazy about LOVE!! lol

After we paid for our food, we stepped outside & I proceeded to explain The Law of Attraction to them. I then told them that the more they worried about it…the more negative vibration they would be adding to it all…empowering what they didn’t want. Instead of empowering what they do want….peace. So, I asked them to do some deep breathing again & to think… “Let go & let God.” And “relax & release.” And to do this with everything they may worry about.

And when it came time to vote…to surrender it all to the Highest Good for ALL of us, not just America. And to really listen to their beings….

We Are All So Very Connected….


A few weeks ago,  I went into the deepest meditation & healing I’ve ever experienced. And received many messages for myself personally, as well as for our world & our humanity. All wonderful news!! ?

And as I was coming out of Astral Consciousness this horse’s face & energy came to me very clearly. I heard his being calling out to me, saying that he “longed for someone to love him deeply.” I sent him healing & many blessings of love, light & peace. And I saw the letter “L”.

After this amazing experience, I checked my messages on Facebook. And there was a message from a lady named Jeannine. I had never gone on her page & I don’t recall how we became friends on here. And I don’t recall ever having a conversation with her other than her asking about how I give healing sessions & the cost.

Within her message on Thursday, she was asking me for pointers on how to manifest. And that she had fallen in love with a horse named Lux & wanted to buy him! When I went to look at this photo, I got chills & began to cry! This is the horse that I saw in my visions!! Of course I told Jeannie this & she also, got chills! We are all soo connected. And our connections become deeper, when we surrender, believe, trust & come from a place of love….???

Thank you Jeannie for connecting with me!! I know that you & Lux will soon come together!! ????