The Healing Connection Between Angelic Presence and Synchronicity

anglecloud1 violetrays angelcloud2 Last week on the way to work, I stopped at a stop sign and noticed  a lady looking up at a tree, smiling, speaking (to no one in sight) and with her hands palm to palm in the prayer position. I smiled and thought, “you go sister”! I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I could feel my vibration quickly raising to unconditional love for this woman. If I hadn’t had to go to work, I would have pulled over and joined in with her praising God/the Universe/all that there is. But I slowly drove away, watching her become more and more joyful. She had tears rolling down her cheeks and a huge smile on her face.

As I drove away, I slowly tried to returned my focus towards work mode. I tried to focus on what I needed to do to prepare myself for work. But my focus became ever more attentive to the song that was playing on the radio, “We Belong”, by Pat Benatar. I’m not sure if you know of the song, but she was singing the most gorgeous chorus – “We belong together”.

As I listened to the song, I relished the pulsing vibration of love flowing throughout my body, mind and soul. And I started to giggle. I thought, if anyone else had seen that lady, they would have thought of her as odd. But I so “got” her. She was in such a state of grace, love, and passion. She was so into the mode of love, that she wasn’t aware of anyone else around her that could have been judging her.

This giggle lead to another giggle and memories. When I was little, my little sister (who is 7 years younger than myself), use to ask, “are you here or are you with God?” I had totally forgotten that my lil sis was the only one that noticed that I probably spent at least 50% of my days spent in almost a trance with God. This memory reminded me of another memory. When my son was very little, he too would ask, “are you here? Or are you with God?” These two memories brought such deep, deep joy to me. To know that I have spent a lifetime living a deeply spiritual life. All of this is not new to me. But the speaking and writing about is. Why do I do it? To hopefully help others know the safe haven that is always waiting for us. All of Divinity is waiting for us to just ask for help. We have been given the amazing gift of free choice. And so your angels will not step in, unless you ask them to.

Another amazing gift that we have been given is synchronicity. The more you begin to become mindful of all of the gifts that you are continuously being given, the more you will notice these gifts. When I work with a client, one of the first things that we work on is gratitude and mindfulness.

Here are some examples of synchronicity after I observed the praying lady:

*My “special angel numbers are 4 and 7”. We all have them. And I strongly suggest that you become ever more aware of your numbers. When you see your numbers over and over again, make a mental note of what you are thinking. Your angels are giving you messages through the repetition of seeing your numbers over and over again on license plates, the time, money, etc… After watching the lady, I pulled onto the highway and the first license plate that I noticed had the numbers: 4744!! And right when I noticed those numbers, the DJ on the radio said that it was 7:47am!!

*Throughout the day, I kept seeing beautiful clouds in the shapes of angels!! In fact, I’m constantly seeing angels and  hearts! I know and believe with all of my being that they exist! And my belief has been amplified through the work that I do. As soon as I touch a client’s 3rd eye or heart chakras, many light beings come floating in and begin to help me channel Divine white healing light and intense, unconditional love into a client. When it first began happening, it was a bit overwhelming! But now, I wait for them. Because I know that they are always here!!

We are never alone! And we are deeply loved.

** To begin learning about the numbers that you are constantly seeing, like 11:11, 4;44, 7:11, I highly suggest Googling; Angle numbers. The first listing is a site that I find to be amazing! The author really understands angel messages via numbers. I also, suggest becoming very observant of any animals that keep coming into your consciousness (your totem spirit guides) or in every day life. Like whenever I am upset and angry, deer walk up to me. In Shamanic thinking, the deer represents gentleness. My natural state of being is gentleness. Connecting with deer, reminds me to stay true to myself. And to move away from negative vibrational energy connected to negative thinking patterns and behaviors. So when you see an animal that keeps coming into your daily life, Google: symbolism of… (whatever animal that keeps coming to you.). There is meaning behind everything. Take baby steps to allowing yourself to become ever more present to angelic presence. I promise you, this is the way to joyful living. Namaste beautiful beings.


  1. Fabulous Jen! I have a tree I go to every single day, to connect with Mother Earth and the Universe/God! I put my foot on her roots and my hand on her heart and I connect. I thank our Mother for all our blessings she bestows on us. I then than my angels and fairies for being with me and guiding me. Then I go into a little trance/prayer. When I thank my angels, there is alway a strong breeze that comes up and washes over me. I know that is them acknowledging me. There is so much peace in it. I love your story and you wisdom. I love you too! <3 <3

    • Thank you dearest Kathleen for your beautiful comment, your story, your openness and awareness of the Divine that is always surrounding you and that is you… We are never alone, because we simply are a part of the Divine. Your story is really resonating and so is your love. Thank you for your constant support, love, light and wisdom. I’m grateful for you and to you!

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