Your Mission in Life, is To Become YOU Fully Actualized

dharmaI know now that I am living my dharma (true path, the way to cosmic order…my purpose for being here.).

Yes, at times it can be terrifying. Because so many will tell you that you’re going the wrong way. That others will talk about you & that they will leave you. You’ll feel judged, lonely & at times frustrated, angry & bewildered.

However, if you choose to go the way of the warrior, you will find out that you’re stronger & wiser than you could have ever imagined. And piece by piece, your puzzle will come together in a beautiful mosaic of Divine love & grace.

How does one find out what they are here for? By quieting the chatter within your mind, your life & your being. I moved away from the busyness of life. I’ve spent years alone, living as a monk within countless hours of prayer, meditation & pure “BEingness”. Everything else fell to the side & I was left with the immense pain of my humanity.

I’ve chosen to attract experiences to help me rapidly expand my consciousness. These experiences have been humiliating, painful, life-giving, hilarious & profoundly heart & mind opening.

Choosing to live your dharma is not for the weak of heart. But once you go through “the dark night of the soul”, you begin to become more & more enlightened and joy & light-filled. Everything begins to make sense. And you naturally begin to notice the constant dance of synchronicity that helps you leap from one state of being to the next.

There’s a constant flow of lessons. Lesson upon lesson & you must choose to be open to them. There’s been times that I’ve desperately wanted to stop. But once you really begin your journey, there is no turning back.

Your mission in life is to become you, fully actualized. Within this amazing state of being, pain no longer lasts as long. Life tastes sweeter. You’ll laugh with more zest. You’ll naturally begin to heal quickly. You’ll naturally become more abundant. You’ll understand others immediately. And you’ll know a peace, that was unfathomable in the past. And you’ll know God, the purest, highest vibration of love.


    • I know you are sweet girl… I see you and I commend you! Youre doing it!! So proud of you!!

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