On a Soul Level; There is No Wrong or Right. Just a beautiful BEingness…

I recently worked with a client that had what I call, “a shawl of shame”. During our first phone call, I could feel it. And when I first met her, she was able to be quite joyful and had no problem looking into my eyes. However, when we began to discuss the “nitty gritty” of why she was coming to see me – she began to have a very difficult time holding eye contact with me.

I asked her about it as soon as I began to notice what was going on. Which made her crawl deeper into the safety of her personal space. I reminded her that she came to see me for a healing intentionally. That she was exhausted of hiding her truth. We spoke for a short while and then we began the healing. The healing was a difficult one for me. It was the first, out of many healings that my client’s energy simply would not move. I openly discussed that it was her that was being stubborn. And that if she wanted to remain in her pain, that it was completely her choice. But that I had done my work and had tried everything that I could think of to help her shift her consciousness.

When suddenly it hit me… On a soul level, there is no right or wrong. There is simply a beautiful BEingness.

She was madly in love with someone. And that someone already has someone to love. And so, I asked her to “rip the bandaid” off and tell the person of her affection! That she simply could not go another moment in her self-created agony. That she had 3 outcomes that could possibly happen. 1) The person would answer her with great intensity and passionate love in return to match her’s. 2) Silence. Complete abandonment. And intense loneliness. But just for a short while. As humans, we are amazingly resilient!! (Side note: When we decide to be brave, stand in our power and speak our truth – we literally tell the Universe, that we are ready to become abundant and to work towards that abundance…whether it be financial abundance, love, friendship, vibrant health, etc… And we show ourselves that we are so much more than we ever believed!!) And 3) She could become a side relationship. That polyamory is the wave of the future. And that this person was showing her signs that this is what they wanted from her.

But…would #3 be enough for her?? I mean, who wants to be #2 in a loving relationship? Well, sometimes that is actually all that we can handle. So we must remain to be open to all possibilities. All 3 people are busy career oriented people. Maybe being a 3rd party would be sufficient enough for her, for now?

When I discussed this sort of very open-mindedness – the shawl of shame came right back onto her back. Her shoulders began to slump, her stomach began to ache and she had difficulty focusing. So again, I reiterated that on a soul level there truly is no right or wrong. There simply is…what is. There is no judgement. Because all of our religious rules, “sins” and societal norms were man made…not God made. Not created out of the true understanding and honoring of what it means to be spirits living a human life. And if you allow yourself to only live within these man made boundaries, you stifle your spiritual evolution.

So I asked her to see this. To see that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She is madly, deeply in love on a very deep, soul level. How could that possibly be wrong? What could be wrong is her response to her love’s reaction. Because in the long run – there are 3 people involved with a rippling affect that could touch many.

She became very concerned about her karma. And I explained to her that the Universal law of Karma is in conjunction with the Universal Law of Cause and affect. So yes, there is no real wrong or right in any situation – there is only our Divine humanity. However, there is a karmic reaction to EVERYTHING that we do. And so no, karma will not “get her”. Because she is coming from love and only wants to share love…pure, unconditional love.

However, if we take a block away from this stack, a block is still missing and needs to be returned. If her love chooses number 1. There will still be a karmic reaction. They could possibly fall madly in love, break up and move onto another loving relationship. And within that relationship – their new mates could possibly cheat on them. And this is not something to be fearful about. Because within any and all pain, there are sublime life lessons learned. There is no real pain, unless we stoke the fire of it. Yes, there is initial shock…a sting of pain. But if you step back into the seat of your soul – you will see so many lessons at hand. Lessons that teach us more and more about our true life’s purpose, more compassion for others and ourselves and shows us our immense strength.

Isn’t it quite profound to think…that there is no wrong or right on a soul level? I found it to be quite fascinating. The more I release fear, the clearer I see.

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