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Beautiful, amazing Shamanic healing between a young man, his girlfriend & I… ??☮?☯??✨

On Tuesday night I received a phone call from a young man that was in a fearful, freaked out state of being. At first, I couldn’t understand him correctly. He just kept saying, “is this Jennifer Ching Lopez?” I said, “yes, how can I help you?” I then said, “breathe..” So he took a deep breath and said, “are you the Jennifer Ching Lopez that does Shamanic Healings?” I said, “yes, how can I help you? Are you ok?” And then as per the norm, I felt such a wash of deep sorrow take over my body, as I connected to his energy. And I knew at once, that he was so very deep in his way of thinking. And I thought, “hmm…this one is going to be a tough one! How am I going to help him shift his thinking patterns? How is he going to come into full understanding that he was the one creating all of his own hysteria?” I could feel his internal fighting within his mind, body and soul. I could sense that he was so afraid to tell me why he had called me. So again, I said, “breathe… Relax and tell me, what has you in such a state?” We spoke for at least 20 minutes and then he asked if he could set up an emergency appointment.

The reason he wanted to meet with me to have a healing, was because he was convinced since the age of 10 (!) that he had an “evil entity” living in the core of his body…. This so didn’t sit well with me! As I was reading up on Shamanism to create my website, I realized that most shamans practice “extraction”. (On my website, I deliberately excluded this part of my shamanic healing session description. But I do see now, that I have always helped with extraction. ) After years and years of studying different religions, spirituality, shamanism, mysticism, etc… I’ve come to the conclusion…that there is no such thing as evil. I know that A LOT of you still believe in such a thing… But my understanding is…that there is only different levels of intense pain that we react to. This gets complicated with biochemical reactions in our brains… One of the first things I asked him when I met him was, “how is your diet?” I know you’re probably thinking: “how does evil and one’s diet correlate?” It’s simple…it doesn’t! However, if you are eating tons of sugar, your insulin spikes. Or you could be having an allergic reaction to wheat or caffeine or alcohol milk or nuts or….whatever. All of that mixed with being abused as a child or raped as a teenager or something horrific in your past, mixed with a horrible diet, little sleep, no faith in a higher power or some sort of spiritual work during the day (prayer, meditation…a simple walk)…mixed with drug and/or alcohol abuse — are the makings of a belief system that is pretty darn broken. And yes, one can begin to believe that there is “evil” in our world or even within….

The reason “an evil entity extraction” bothered me was because, I went to Catholic School. And even though I am not a practicing Catholic. I still have some things still programmed into my thinking patterns. And so, I see that this was actually going to turn out to be a magnificent gift for me! During Wednesday, before I met him, I just kept thinking: “do you still believe in evil? Or have you truly shifted your consciousness regarding this?” After I put the lil one I nanny down for nap, I stepped outside to talk to God about it. And right when I got to my car, a hawk landed right in front of me. As a shaman, I receive many of my answers from the natural world. Every single animal holds medicine and soo many answers. Hawks symbolize: spiritual awareness, higher perspective, the power to see clearly, and a very strong connection to spirituality – God consciousness – love. And then I began hearing loud bird noises… It was 2 other hawks fighting over a snake!! How symbolic is that?! lol I LOVE how deeply connected I am and aware of both our humanness and the spirit world!!

Yes, I could have seen it as “good winning over evil”. But in actuality, snakes symbolize: transmutation, becoming the You that you were always suppose to be, healing and spiritual guidance… So, in actuality it has nothing to do with “good winning over evil”. But rather, both this young man and I mirroring each other beautifully. If you put hawk energy and snake energy together you get…awakening, becoming more conscious, intense healing, intense expansion and again, becoming the You that you were always suppose to be. And guess what I always write about? Just that! lol Beautiful synchronicity!! Beautiful healing on my part at first…and then his. My intense fear of meeting this young man and him potentially having “evil” connected to him, immediately disappeared in my mind. And I was overtaken with nothing but love and a deeper understanding of my gifts to help others heal and come back into harmony, peace…balance.

When I drove up to my home, I saw him and his girlfriend sitting eagerly waiting for me. I welcomed them into my home, sat them down and went straight to business. I began asking him questions like: “how long have you been feeling like this? Do you remember a horrible incident occurring around the same time? If you two are making love – she needs to protect herself. Have you studied the Law of Attraction before? What is your diet like? Are you sleeping, etc…” I knew the answers before they came out of his mouth. And so, before we began the healing, I explained to him that yes, I could extract the negative vibrational thinking, the sick sensations he felt all the time, etc.. BUT that if he did not take my lessons to heart, that whatever it was that was bothering him would return. Because it was self-created.

We went into my session room and he was almost going to cry. He warned me that he would be having severe convulsions. And I said, “don’t worry, you won’t. You are in a sacred, safe place that only welcomes and creates love. You are safe and so very loved.” This shocked him. It was like, he was waiting for me to be afraid. And I asked him if I could pray first. (During our phone conversation, he said that he didn’t believe in God, the Universe, etc.. And I said, “well, there’s half of your problem. You need a higher power to love, feel loved by and surrender your fear to…”)

The healing was amazing!! I saw him transform right in front of my eyes!! It was sooo immensely beautiful!! During the whole time, I asked his girlfriend to join us, so that she could be part of all of the questions and answers, the healing, the love, the peace. And I watched her transform as he did. We spoke a total of 3.5 hours and I tried to infuse into him everything I know about the Law of Attraction. He was a brilliant 22 year old that had been misdiagnosed for 12 long years, had spent a year in a mental institute, had been put on drug after drug, had suicidal tendencies and almost everyone had walked out of his life, thinking that he was crazy.

As he laid on my massage table after the healing I said, “I have to be honest with you. Is that ok?” He said, “of course.” I said, “I’m so sorry if this hurts, but someone has to tell you… You are stuck in victimhood. Your breath and body smell. It’s time to get your shit together and LIVE!! It’s time to grow up… You’re only 22 and your so very wise already. You have a magnificent life waiting for you. What are you waiting for?! What the heck is scaring you so much?!” And he said, “why does all of that hurt so much?” My answer, “because no one with as much love for him as I had for him in that moment had ever told him the straight up truth before.” He asked why I told him? My answer,”because he was the exact mirror of me before I started breaking down the Law of Attraction and living it non-stop.” I was a broken down spirit that just wanted to die. I didn’t have an “evil entity living in me”… But I had horrid self-loathing, no self-worth, suicidal tendencies, etc… So I recognize all of it! And I refuse to lie to a person that asks for my help and is ready for the truth. He then said, “but life is so scary. What if I fail?” My answer: “that failing is part of the good part of life. It teaches us deeper compassion, it shows us our strength, it points us in the right direction, to find our path, our purpose. Failing and pain are bittersweet gifts.

When he stood up, his girlfriend said that he was standing up taller and straighter. And he said “for the first time in 12 years, he felt safe, loved, accepted and excited about life…” Wow…just wow. Just writing about him brings such joy in my heart. Before he left, I continued breaking down the Law of Attraction. I explained that everything that we think, say and especially feel creates our reality. That he had manifested all of it as a way to self-protect himself from actually having to live his life. That he was so afraid of failing that he would choose to be put in mental institutes, almost fail out of college, live in almost constant pain, not be able to have a healthy functional relationship with anyone (except with his girlfriend – who was such a brilliant being of light!), etc. But that he had obviously began to shift his thinking because he had attracted his girlfriend and me into his life. When he thought about that, you could see such a wash of peace take over his face and body… It was beautiful to see him realize that he loved himself that much…

Thank you for reading! ???✨image

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