Begin to love yourself enough…to choose life!


Part of my delicious, life-giving lunch!

I cannot believe that I use to be afraid of fruit! I was so fearful of it, that I stopped eating it for years. And not until the last 2 years have I made sure that I either create a green smoothie in the morning filled with broccoli, seaweed, wheatgrass, spinach, frozen berries, mango and whatever other fresh fruit that I have. Or a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast or lunch. I also, add supplements and a green powder filled with tons of veggies, enzymes, fruit and other life-giving ingredients.

I wasn’t only afraid of fruit.. I boxed myself into a corner of suicidal tendencies. So much that when I was my most ill, my Dr said that I was the equivalent of a starving Ethiopian Child! When I was a teenager and went for one of my best trips ever to Europe, I lived off of apples, water and bread for weeks. And every time I visit my family in Hawaii, I lose at least 20 pounds. I literally stop eating whenever there is a big transition in my life.

I had allowed myself to be controlled by fear that manifested in the way that I ate…or rather didn’t eat. I have had many texture issues, food allergies – no caffeine, alcohol, all melons, all citrus, no fish, I try to stay away from fried foods, gluten, all milk products and any and all meat freaks me out. I have literally began to cry too many times to count, when I think of the poor animal that I had been eating and stopped immediately. And now my over active imagination has other constraints – I have worried about where food is bought, who has prepared it, what the texture is, if I have deemed it “safe”, if something is organic, if it has GMO’s in it, and if the people I am eating with are peaceful.

I share all of that with you to show you, that YOU CAN greatly shift your consciousness!! You can reprogram your thinking patterns. I now see food as a gift of life! I now want to live a healthy, vibrant life! I now use all that I have taught others on myself!! My mom kept saying, “healer, heal thyself!!” And I HAVE!! Whooohooo!!!! And so can YOU!! YOU CAN slowly and systematically begin to shift your thinking patterns. But it is a constant, vigilance. And if you begin, you will be learning how to reprogram yourself into thinking that you are worthy of life. You are worthy of being able to jump out of bed and be excited about your day!! You are worthy of doing anything and everything that you desire!!

Within my work with my clients, the number one thing that stops people from shifting their consciousness is the lack of self-worth. What is it that scares you the most? Why do you not feel worthy of releasing fear, stubborn out-dated thinking patterns that no longer serve you and self-hatred? The people that helped contribute to very low vibrational thinking are NOT WORTH your surrender!!

The more that I work with people on this very deep level of lack of self-worth, the truth is blatantly roaring it’s ugly head!! NOT ENOUGH LOVE!! Or rather, not being loved the way that each person longed to be loved, accepted, cherished. And so, I must tell you… NOW IS THE TIME!! You have grown up and you can choose to no longer be influenced so intensely by others. Every single person that was of influence over you, was actually reacting to their own pain. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. I dare you to GOOGLE ways of how to raise your vibration. By raising our vibration we bring more and more experiences, synchronicity – chain reactions that help us greatly shift our consciousness into peaceful, deep knowing of our own profound worth. You are worthy of this life… Say that 10 times and let it sink deeply into your consciousness. You are worthy of this life…

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