I attached this photo, because it depicts something I help others with. To look beyond their present situation – sometimes darkness. And to focus on the light. I plan on writing a blog piece every day. I live quite an interesting life and I am constantly Divinely inspired. I’ve gone through tremendous shifts in consciousness and deep healing within my heart, mind, body and soul. And it is my intention and my life’s work to help other’s feel more loved.

My writing can be quite raw, because I want to show others how I went from point A – “darkness” – low vibration – clinical depression, anxiety disorders, 4 autoimmune dis-eases, poverty, suicidal tendencies, losing 2 houses, a car, jobs, friends and family into the light (point B)… I’ve lost 90 pounds and I’ve healed many of my ailments, I’m in remission with two of my dis-eases and have completely healed myself from Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, severe Anemia, eating disorders (still working on this….but greatly improving!), high blood pressure, depression, etc… I’m in love with life now, have so much energy to live a life full of joy, teaching and living peace, abundance and have attracted and connected with a community of soul family, etc… I have found my purpose, raised my Kundalini, etc..etc..

I hope that you join me daily in reading my blog. It is my gift to you and to all. I truly believe that we are all Divine Oneness… We are one global family. And it is our responsibility to create, manifest and BE peace, love, compassion and light…

Namaste beautiful beings,