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Hello, my name is Jennifer Ching Lopez and I absolutely adore life, people, animals – all beings!! I am passionate about living and spreading unconditional love and deep healing! When you leave me, I want you to feel loved, healed, in alighment and in bliss. I am a healer, clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. I work with many different healing modalities and I am deeply gifted. It is both my passion and purpose to help others through actively listening and being very present. I come from a place in my being that is unconditionally loving and non-judgmental. It is not my place or my wish to ever judge anyone. However, it is my wish and my purpose to heal others through healing touch, intuitive guidance and practical guidance in connection to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and sexual well-being. I am a holistic (mind, body, heart and spirit) healer.

I have been studying the mind/body/spirit connection, meditation, optimum health, yogic principles, Buddhism, Mysticism, Shamanism, Hinduism, etc.. for over 30 years. Universal Laws, such as the Laws of Attraction, Intention, Divine Oneness and Karma for over 10 years. And Quantum Physics for over 5 years. I am a natural born Shaman and Pranic Healer. And I became a certified Reiki Master in 2012. I am also, a Child Whsiperer and have a BA in Child Development, I have worked with many children for over over 30 years, that were silent and/or violent, on the Autism Spectrum or have had severe special needs or behavior issues. And after I’ve worked with them, the behaviors stop and they begin to speak and share loving affection. And I am also, an Animal Whisperer. In using both Animal Whispering and Reiki, I have witnessed amazing results! I have been using telepathy with both small children and animals since my childhood. And I also have been giving healing and teaching others about Spirituality since I was a child as well.

I use a form of telepathy with adults as well. In order for me to do my work, I immediately tap into Source Energy, as well as “jump” into Astral Projection/Consciousness. This enables me to reach a state of higher consciousness. This state of being is where I become hyper sensitive in my observation. I hear your vibration, I use my extra sensory behavioral observation to begin zeroing in on the very best way to help you heal and begin to thrive.

Please peruse my brochure and if you have questions, please visit my site for more in depth explanation of my gifts and/or contact me. During a session with me, there is a lot of laughter, some profanity, and a lot of honest talk. And if you are truly ready, I will help you heal quickly and effortlessly.

Blessings of love, light and peace to you….

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Child Whispering ~

Child Whispering is a beautiful ability to intuitively understand what a child needs and wants without a word being spoken. I am an empath, which has greatly influenced my connection to every child that I meet. I also have a very high vibration – which means that I pretty much love everyone unconditionally. Because children don’t usually have as many walls around their hearts, they are very intuitive. They almost immediately know that they can trust me.  I can walk up to a crying baby and begin to hum to them and rock them and most, instantly stop crying. I also, have a very child-like sense of humor. And within moments, again most children will begin to get the giggles. I use silliness, unconditional love, acceptance, creativity and speaking to them in a developmentally appropriate child-like language as medicine. I have had remarkable responses from children that have Autism, that have severe special needs and/or have been severely abused.

I’ve always had an innate understanding of children. I think that’s what lead me to begin my teaching career at 21. I’ve been called “The Pied Piper of children”, “like Santa Claus” and a “child whisperer”. This deep understanding, respect and deep love, lead me to go further into a career with children. And I became a Master Teacher, a Preschool Director (for many schools), I helped open a preschool for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I helped write a book about Preschool age Literacy, a Parent/Infant Educator working with intensely impoverished young adults, a Child Development Specialist, a Nanny, an Autism Behavior Specialist, and have begun writing articles on Conscious Parenting and caregiving, as well currently writing a book about the same subject matter. I taught teachers, how to intuitively be lead by a child, instead of following academic programming. I became an activist and fought for children’s rights. And slowly, I became a healer that helped children that either had severe special needs or were severely abused, causing them to lose their voices. Through intensive one on one work, I became a full on Child Whisperer. And helped those children find not only their voices, but their laughter as well.


Two year Preschool Teaching Certification.

B.A. in Child Development from Pacific Oaks (A leading school in Alternative Teaching – following the “lead of the child”, with intense respect for each child as an individual with individual needs and learning abilities.)

Training in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) specifically geared towards working with children with Autism.

Many years of renewing my CPR and Universal Precautions Certification

Over 10 years of intensive training and certification in:

  • Preschool Management
  • Teacher Training
  • Anti-Bias Curriculum (Teaching teachers how not to be prejudice)
  • Mandating Reporting and Documentation
  • Child Developmental Theory
  • Literacy
  • Spotting signs of Child and Spousal Abuse
  • Preschool age: Art, Science, Math, Literacy
  • Public Speaking
  • Working with children with Special Needs
  • Working with children with severe Behavioral Issues
  • Helping severely low income families find jobs, housing, food and health insurance and ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.
  • Child Advocacy and Activism
  • Creating Preschool Age Standardized Testing
  • Creating Policies and Procedures for Preschool Staff, Children and Parents
  • Alternative Teaching Styles that take the “lead of the child”, with the understanding that “Play is the Work of the Child”


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