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I Am….

It took me until a couple of years ago to finally feel confidant enough to add to that sentence… To finally stand in my truth and to allow myself to feel worthy of life. As I prepared to write my bio, I read through several other healer’s bios. And most said that they “felt different growing up”. This resonates deeply. Growing up I knew I was “different” but I wasn’t clear why? For instance, I have always used telepathy to speak to animals and children. And up until a few years ago, I really thought that everyone did this.

As the years have passed on, I’ve begun to remember who I was supposed to be, before I was (almost) broken by life. I see now that even that sentence is coming from a victim mentality. Through years and years of studying The Law of Attraction and all Universal Laws, I’ve come to the understanding that we create everything that happens to us. So in going back to that sentence, I see that it is a fallacy. That I helped create painful lessons that were recycled through relationships, until one day I said, “Enough!” And I took back the “reins” of my life and began to stand in my own innate power, my radical authenticity, and finally, self-love and self-worth. Through this metamorphosis, I healed my body of four autoimmune dis-eases (2 are in remission and the Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis are completely healed!), deathly Anemia, slowed the progression of Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, released the control of Clinical Depression and severe Anxiety Disorders, healed my relationships, lost 90 pounds, realized my life’s purpose, began creating a business, became a published author of articles on Conscious Parenting and Shamanism, and I am becoming increasingly more holistically abundant. Oh, and I found my joy again!

I have been studying Spirituality, human behavior, Metaphysics, Universal Laws, Vibrational Frequency, our Divine Oneness, Christianity, Catholicism, Mysticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Yogic Principles, Shamanism, alternative medicine and holistic healing, environmental and political issues, Pacifism, Activism, Spiritual Evolution, Animals, Collective Consciousness/Christ Consciousness/Universal Consciousness/Source Energy, Angels….everything (!), since I was a young child. I didn’t have those words at the time, but I was born fascinated by The Divine/God. And my greatest desire was/is  to teach/live/BE sustainable peace.

This fascination with The Divine and wanting to live a deeply spiritual life has lead me through many metaphysical experiences. As I mentioned I use telepathy to speak to animals and young children. But I have also been blessed by other amazing gifts that literally take my breath away at times. I’ve been blessing others since I was a very little girl. And within these blessings, my love for humanity, animals and our earth has deepened to the core of my being. Everything that I do is out of love, respect, compassion and a longing to better understand others, so that I can better help.

Eleven years ago, I went on a vision quest in Sedona, Arizona and I met with several healers. And every time I would meet with a new one, they would say, “you know you are a Shaman, right?” At the time I didn’t quite understand what that meant. Through my time in Sedona, I met with different types of healers and had awe-inspiring experiences. It was there that I realized that I had always Astral Projected, Lucid Dreamed and helped to heal others. But I rapidly began to remember other abilities after I became a Reiki Master four years ago. Through Reiki and specifically a connection I have had with a dear friend that is a channeler, I’ve been rapidly expanding, healing and growing as a healer, intuitive and spiritual teacher.

Through my connection with a dear friend, I awakened my Kundalini. Most people that do this reach a very high vibration of unconditional love and Enlightenment. Sadly, I realized that Enlightenment is fleeting. However, I had a full week in which everything became crystal clear,  caming to fully understand why there is war, sorrow, death, who God is, what my purpose is, that I am indeed a Shaman, Reiki Master, Intuitive/Psychic/Medium/Clairvoyant/Clairsenient, that we reincarnate, what Heaven is, how to help heal people physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually and financially, etc…

So in coming back to that sentence,”I Am….” I am multi-dimensional human/spirit that loves deeply. I am someone that has passion for life, to help others, to teach, to guide, to BE. I am a mother of an amazing son. I am all that I listed on my homepage. And I am someone that knows how to help others begin their journey of healing and becoming who they are meant to be. Namaste beautiful beings.


Child Whispering and Healing with Love

Child Whispering is a beautiful ability to intuitively understand what a child needs and wants without a word being spoken. I am an empath, which has greatly influenced my connection to every child that I meet. I also have a very high vibration – which means that I pretty much love everyone unconditionally. Because children don’t usually have as many walls around their hearts, they are very intuitive. They almost immediately know that they can trust me.  I can walk up to a crying baby and begin to hum to them and rock them and most, instantly stop crying. I also, have a very child-like sense of humor. And within moments, again most children will begin to get the giggles. I use silliness, unconditional love, acceptance, creativity and speaking to them in a developmentally appropriate child-like language as medicine. I have had remarkable responses from children that have Autism, that have severe special needs and/or have been severely abused.

I’ve always had an innate understanding of children. I think that’s what lead me to begin my teaching career at 21. I’ve been called “The Pied Piper of children”, “like Santa Claus” and a “child whisperer”. This deep understanding, respect and deep love, lead me to go further into a career with children. And I became a Master Teacher, a Preschool Director (for many schools), I helped open a preschool for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I helped write a book about Preschool age Literacy, a Parent/Infant Educator working with intensely impoverished young adults, a Child Development Specialist, a Nanny, an Autism Behavior Specialist, and have begun writing articles on Conscious Parenting and caregiving, as well currently writing a book about the same subject matter. I taught teachers, how to intuitively be lead by a child, instead of following academic programming. I became an activist and fought for children’s rights. And slowly, I became a healer that helped children that either had severe special needs or were severely abused, causing them to lose their voices. Through intensive one on one work, I became a full on Child Whisperer. And helped those children find not only their voices, but their laughter as well.


Two year Preschool Teaching Certification.

B.A. in Child Development from Pacific Oaks (A leading school in Alternative Teaching – following the “lead of the child”, with intense respect for each child as an individual with individual needs and learning abilities.)

Training in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) specifically geared towards working with children with Autism.

Many years of renewing my CPR and Universal Precautions Certification

Over 10 years of intensive training and certification in:

  • Preschool Management
  • Teacher Training
  • Anti-Bias Curriculum (Teaching teachers how not to be prejudice)
  • Mandating Reporting and Documentation
  • Child Developmental Theory
  • Literacy
  • Spotting signs of Child and Spousal Abuse
  • Preschool age: Art, Science, Math, Literacy
  • Public Speaking
  • Working with children with Special Needs
  • Working with children with severe Behavioral Issues
  • Helping severely low income families find jobs, housing, food and health insurance and ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.
  • Child Advocacy and Activism
  • Creating Preschool Age Standardized Testing
  • Creating Policies and Procedures for Preschool Staff, Children and Parents
  • Alternative Teaching Styles that take the “lead of the child”, with the understanding that “Play is the Work of the Child”


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