Life Coach Mentoring

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” Dean Koontz IMG_9369

Through soul alignment and metaphysical synchronicity, I began to connect to more and more people just like me – healers, life coaches, writers, etc. And I began to notice about three years ago, that my soul family were pretty much all working in the same field – as lightworkers. And it became a natural occurrence for me to receive 5-20 requests for guidance a week. The guidance that they were/are requesting were/are partly for their own growth and healing. But there was an immense amount of requests to help them, help others. They wanted instant answers to their client’s questions.

Within our sessions, I will help you learn how to “tap into Source Energy“. So that you can become more confident in listening to your own innate intuition. As lightworkers, we have a deep yearning to help all that come to us. And we want to give others the answers to their questions and their life lessons. However, it is becoming abundantly clear to me, that if we give others the answers before they are developmentally ready, they will not be able to comprehend what we are trying to share with them. I will help you begin to feel when and how guidance can be shared. And I will also, help you begin to trust and believe in your own abilities and gifts, so that you can better help others.

One of my dearest friends explains my teaching style, “as teaching through my healing, from pain.” I teach others how to reach a place of almost complete authenticity. To help others feel and see that we are all “perfectly imperfect.” Through our own pain and healing, we can help others heal from their pain. We can help other’s see their own innate magnificence. Trusting your own innate knowing and deeply loving others are two of the most powerful healers. “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa