Kye chakras

Reiki is a healing approach to helping people reach a state of energetic balance. When a person is out of energetic alignment, they often feel depressed, angry, fearful, restless, disillusioned, frustrated, lonely, etc., and if we allow ourselves to stay energetically imbalanced for long periods of time, we can create chronic states of negative thinking and dis-ease (link to glossary) that can greatly impact our lives. This occurs because being physically tense, having self-defeating thoughts or beliefs, experiencing trauma, or living out of alignment with who we truly are creates internal obstructions to the natural flow of our life energy. Thankfully, through the use of Reiki such energetic blocks and imbalances can be pinpointed and removed, which allows your life energy to flow freely once again and put you back into a vibrant, joyous, and empowered state of being.

Initial Chakra Scan

I begin each session by scanning your Chakra System, which is your body’s center of spiritual power, with each of the seven primary chakras being correlated with certain physical locations, bodily systems, and ways of thinking and feeling. For instance, the Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest and is the love center that deals with compassion, unconditional love, hope, and forgiveness. And, balancing this chakra also helps the heart, circulatory system, ribs, breast, thymus gland, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, and diaphragm.

I start the Chakra Scan by having you lay upon your back and then placing color-aligned crystals upon each of your primary chakras. Steadying a special hanging pendulum over each Chakra, I watch to see if the pendulum begins to move with the flow of the chakra’s energy; if it does not move, or only moves a little, I know that the chakra is blocked in some way. Through this process I also start to receive visions that help me to better understand what types of struggles you may be having in your life that would result in certain chakras being blocked.

Energetic Healing

Once I am done with the initial scan, I begin the healing process by placing my hands directly upon your affected chakras and deliver healing energy directly into those constricted areas. Regardless of the intensity or type of energy blocks that you are experiencing, I channel pure white light that is filled with the highest vibration of unconditional love in order to break open your energetic restrictions, get the energy flowing again, and relieve your chakra-specific dis-ease.

Ending the Session
Once I have finished with the hands-on healing, I do a second scan of your energetic system to verify that all of your chakras are balanced and in alignment. I then remove the crystals and begin a counseling session with you by asking whether you felt anything during the healing and if you feel and “different” now. Beautifully, all of my Reiki clients have feelings of utter peace and relaxation during my healings, typically having similar visions to my own, and even coming to passionate tears as they release sadness and settle into a natural state of radiant bliss.
*Standard Session: 1 hour of Reiki and Chakra Balancing $60
*Comprehensive Reiki Session: 2-2.5 hours: $120 ~
Reiki with Chakra Balancing, Holistic Life Coaching and an Intuitive Reading. A comprehensive Reiki session includes more extensive time for me to read your body, mind and soul to help me locate where you might have energetic blocks. As soon as I locate where you might be holding tightness, negative vibration and thinking, I will infuse powerful Divine healing light into those areas. We will then discuss my findings and how you can continue healing.