Reiki for Children

JakeyReikiI have often been described as a “Child Whisperer,” meaning that I am able to pick up on children’s subtle cues, energy/vibration, body language, existing language/sounds, expressed or unexpressed emotionality, etc., and then connect with them on a deep level in order to help them break through behavioral issues, dis-ease, or silence. And, because of all my gifts (link to a list of gifts), including my silliness and deep empathy, I immediately begin to interact with the child in a very soothing, gentle, and child-friendly way.

Observation, Play, and Initial Scanning

At the beginning of each session I start by observing the way the child is acting, as their behavior tells a story that I can deeply understand due to my highly trained intuition and my 29 years of working directly with children (please click here for my full credentials)(link to credentials). After observing, playing with, and soothing the child through a hug/cuddling/holding hands (all dependent on the child’s preferred boundaries), I will ask her/him to lay down so that I can do a scan of the their mind, body, and soul (laying down is suggested but not required, so if the child prefers not to I can scan them in a sitting or standing position). Once they lay down, I will place color-aligned crystals on his/her primary chakras (link to glossary), which are our body’s areas of spiritual and energetic power, with each one correlating with the way we think/feel and the health of our bodily systems.

I then hang a pendulum over each chakra in order to determine whether it is blocked, as the pendulum is highly attuned to energy and if it does not move then the energy within the chakra is also not moving sufficiently and is blocked in some way. Additionally, as I scan the chakras I also begin to receive visions that will help me to better understand where the child may be experiencing some adversity in his or her life. For example, if your child’s Sacral Chakra is blocked, I that he/she is having difficulty with thoughts of feeling unwanted, powerless, fearful, etc. Obviously, such blockages and any associated physical, psychological, and spiritual dis-ease can affect the child’s natural development of coping mechanisms, bring about behavioral and emotional issues, and bring about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Colitis, etc.

Healing and Divination

Once the initial scan is done, I allow myself to be Divinely guided to the exact places on the child’s body where unblocking is most required, placing my hands at each location so that I can begin to undo the blockage. The required time for each blockage to be released varies, of course, though I know when the blockage is gone because my hands begin to cool down from the immense amount of energy that flowed through them during the procedure (my hands get quite warm when doing healings).

During all healing sessions, including those with children, Divinely infused white light is channeled through my mind, body, and soul, filling me with intense, unconditional love that I pass on to the client: It is this amazing love that heals both my clients and myself during sessions. As I come to the end of the healing, I hold both of the child’s hands and then place the palms of my hands on the soles of the her/his feet. When I do these last two actions, the child will often feel jolts of healing love flow throughout their body, and the child may begin to cry as they release their unwanted low vibrational energy (sadness, anger, bewilderment, feelings of abandonment, etc.). And because of this, he/she will feel as if they have had a deep tissue massage, feeling instantly relaxed, peaceful and at ease.

After the healing, I complete the hands-on part of the session with a second scan of the child’s Chakra System, again using my crystals and pendulum to check for any remaining energetic blocks, which there seldom are. I then remove the crystals, which also removes any lingering negative energy, and finish with a blessing.


I begin our closing discussion by asking if the child felt anything and whether they feel “different” in any way? Due to the level of healing that is always involved, all of my clients have felt feelings of utter peace and relaxation, often feeling radiant, full of life and joy, and sometimes even sobbing as they release sadness and come back to their naturally blissful state of being.
As the session comes to an end, I will share holistic remedies regarding diet, implementing nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies, meditation, breathing exercises, visualization techniques, simple and age-appropriate affirmations, help in setting intentions with the parent, creating sustainable peace, and offering other guidance to assist the child in staying free of dis-ease.
*Standard Session: 1 hour of Reiki and Chakra Balancing $60
*Comprehensive Reiki Session: 2-2.5 hours: $120 ~
Reiki with Chakra Balancing, Holistic Life Coaching and an Intuitive Reading. A comprehensive Reiki session includes more extensive time for me to read your child’s body, mind and soul to help me locate where s/he might have energetic blocks. As soon as I locate where s/he might be holding tightness, negative vibration and thinking, I will infuse powerful Divine healing light into those areas. We will then discuss my findings and how you can continue to help your child  heal.