Reiki for Animals

reikicowI began using mental telepathy with animals as a very young child, sensing their energy and being able to connect instantaneously. Similarly, animals are able to sense my intense sensitivity and my loving energy, resulting in their quick energetic connection to me as well. Thus, upon meeting an animal, a very peaceful state of being occurs between us, allowing me to begin to scan their bodies, minds, and souls to determine where there is imbalance, dis-ease, and low vibrational feelings.

Upon beginning a Reiki session with an animal, I gently move toward them for our first touch. Once physical contact has been made, I will then go deeper to see where the disharmony specifically is while sitting quietly and gently petting the animal to further soothe their soul: Animals love Reiki’s love-filled energy!

As our energetic connection deepens and widens, I will often begin to hear their feelings come through to me. In return, I will respond in a gently soothing voice filled with peace and love while I channel Divine energy into them to balance their chakra system (glossary term) and help their body, mind, and soul begin the healing process.

After the hands-on part of the healing session, I will sit down with you to discuss what information I received directly from your animal and the Divine Source. I may also give you suggestions on how to improve his/her diet, how to enhance your interactions with them, and offer you an intuitive medical understanding of the state of dis-ease that your pet may be experiencing. To sum up, it is my belief that if we can reach a sustainable, peaceful existence, that all dis-ease can be healed and further dis-ease can be prevented so that your animal companion can return to their natural state of balance and joy.

*Standard Session: 1 hour of Reiki and Chakra Balancing $60
*Comprehensive Reiki Session: 2-2.5 hours: $120 ~
Reiki with Chakra Balancing, Holistic Life Coaching and an Intuitive Reading. A comprehensive Reiki session includes more extensive time for me to read your pet’s body, mind and soul to help me locate where s/he might have energetic blocks. As soon as I locate where s/he might be holding tightness, negative vibration and thinking, I will infuse powerful Divine healing light into those areas. We will then discuss my findings and how you can continue to help your pet heal.