Angel Whispering/Intuitive Readings/Clairvoyance and Guidance


As a highly intuitive empath, I am able to simultaneously connect to your energy and Divine Source Energy. This allows me to not only seek help from the Divine, but also from the angels that are always with each of us (it is said that we all have at least seven angels with us at all times), meaning that during healing sessions you may feel not only my own hands on you but also the hands of an angel, as they are always wanting to help. And through the angels, I am able to ignite your light so that you can shine brighter and become more balanced, peaceful, and joyful.

Through Astral Projection and our connection with each other and with Divine Source Energy and our Angels, I am able to read your heart, body, mind and soul. I receive visions that are incredibly telling. Through this Divinely touched experience, I am often able to see a person’s past, present and future, as well as the state of your health, your love life, your financial situation, etc… And through the help of our Angels and Archangels, I hear messages to share with you to help guide you to help you come back into balance, vibrant health, sustainable abundance, and manifesting more love in your life.


 *Standard Session: 1 hour of Angel Whispering/Intuitive Readings/Clairvoyance and Guidance: $60