Shamanic Healing (with Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Angel Whispering/Intuitive Reading)


As one of the oldest spiritual healing practices, Shamanism is a technique of connecting with a client’s soul in order to heal their inner disharmony (dis-ease, depression, anger issues, etc…) so that they can reach a balance of mind, body, and soul. This work is done by Shamanic healers like myself who are able to access the Spirit World and the Human World simultaneously through altered states of consciousness like astral projection(link to glossary), which is one of my preferred techniques.

Initial Reading

Within a few moments of meeting with you, I will begin to have visions and may pick up on your totem/animal spirit guide, both of which will aide me in discerning the true essence of what you are currently struggling with. And as this spiritual connection expands, I will also ask you directly about any dissonance that you are currently experiencing so that you can explain it to me in your own words.


By the time the initial reading is finished, our spiritual/energetic connection will be fully realized and I will begin to read your vibrational frequency, visualize your current life circumstances (like finances, romantic connections, health issues, dis-ease, karma, etc.), and possibly even envision about your past and future lives.

Spiritual Healing

Through the use various spiritual gifts and techniques (including astral projection, intuition, empathy, your totem/animal guides, crystals, angel whispering, clairvoyance, divinely infused light, high vibrational frequency tuning, nurturing, and unconditional love)(links to all these in glossary), creating an atmosphere around you and a state of being within you that is comforting, sacred, and intensely healing. Through this, I am able to zero in on your mental disconnects, energy blocks, physical ailments, feelings of being spiritually lost, symptoms of love lost, etc. . . . and then begin the healing process by removing negative vibrations, dysfunctional thinking patterns, dis-ease, etc.

Ending the Session

I end each session by sharing the notes that I took throughout the session, most of which have come through my visions and Divine connection. I may also discuss holistic remedies regarding diet, implementing nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies, taking medication, doing breathing exercises, visualization techniques, creating affirmations, setting intentions, creating sustainable abundance and bliss, etc.

*Comprehensive Shamanic and Reiki Healing Session: 2-2.5 hours: $180 ~
Shamanic Healing in conjunction with a Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Holistic Life Coaching and an Intuitive Reading. Reiki healing is when I infuse your body, mind and soul with powerful Divine healing light. And a Shamanic Healing is when I pull out dis-ease, negative vibration and thinking, and anything that could possibly be inhibiting you from living your best, most vibrant life. The joining of these two healing modalities (types of healing therapy) is incredibly dynamic, deeply healing and powerful.