Classes: Conscious Coupling




“You are deserving of the most pure, whole and authentic love. I hope you know that.” Unknown

~ This “class” is actually a form of life coaching, deep healing and intuitive guidance. It can be shared with you and your partner in an intensive 3 hour session or weekly 1 hour sessions.

Most people do not have the tools to create a lasting, functional relationship with a partner. Through my work with clients and countless discussions with others… I’ve realized that some of the reasons for dysfunctional coupling, is that most people do not know how to actively listen, do not know how to communicate their own needs and wants, do not feel worthy of lasting love and/or do not know how to love unconditionally. If you have attracted into your life a partner that you would love to create a foundation that is built on trust, respect, expansion, open, powerful communication, authenticity, deeper understanding, amazing love-making and unconditional love, than these sessions are for you.

Within our session(s) I will help you both work on your own, individual feelings of worthiness. And how to build a life-giving and heart-centered relationship. In order to be able to function as a couple, one has to get to a state of balance within their own life and being, Intensive healing, introspection and a profound want to make something work with their partner must be present. I can help you both help each other honor this individual work. True love allows the other to grow, have their independence and BE their own beautiful, authentic self. A large part of our time together will also, be spent on nurturing interpersonal communication: active listening, non-violent communication and understanding body language, Additionally, we will discuss intuitive coupling skills, raising vibration, conscious lovemaking (consistent touch and checking in with each other throughout the day and night, as well as giving each other enough space, understanding your own body as well as your partner’s, tone of voice, etc. And will touch on Tantric lovemaking for deeper connection and reinforcing your bond as a couple.).

If you already have children, we will also touch on Conscious Parenting and active connection. So that both partners and your children feel honored, respected and cherished.

Please contact me to discuss pricing for this class. Thank you.

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