Classes: Understanding vibrational frequency can create sustainable abundance, vibrant health and blissful peace.

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Before and after shots of me, after I began to lose beforethe 90 pounds, heal 4 autoimmune dis-eases, begin to become more abundant and heal my relationships and my life, heart, body, mind and soul. As well as learn how to feel worthy of living and going after my dreams/passion/purpose!

Are you ready to begin shifting your life into more of what you want? Through years of studying the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws, I began to understand that they are constantly happening instead of being something that you create. However, it is something that you can begin to have better understanding of, and through that deeper understanding, you can begin creating anything that you want. You can have sustainable abundance, vibrant health, and blissful peace.

Within this class, I will share with you a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction and how raising your vibrational frequency can change your life. An important component of this is The Spiritual Scale of Vibration. Simply put, if you imagine that unconditional love, joy and contentment are at the highest part of the scale — and despair, jealousy and rage are at the bottom of the scale — in order to attract/manifest/create the things and experiences that we want most in life, we must raise our vibrational frequency to match the things and experiences that we want. By looking more deeply at the things that bring us the most joy in life, we can begin to shift our consciousness. By changing the way that we speak, the emotions attached to our thoughts, and what we say, we can almost instantly change our lives. It’s that simple and yet also that profoundly difficult. I’d like to help you shift your thinking and create the life that is calling to you.


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